Coco's Favorite Toddler Meal

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an old issue of Everyday Food I had brought to Switzerland with us when we moved. It's a well-loved edition and is all wrinkled from getting wet and has stuff spilled on the cover because I used it so many times to make Emeril's Chicken-Patty Pockets, one of our favorite recipes of all time that I had completely forgotten about! Of course I went ahead and made it for dinner that night. Much to my surprise, Coco couldn't get enough! 

Instead of making hers into a wrap with the Turkish flat bread J and I used, I cut up one of the patties and put it on her plate along with chopped cucumbers and tomatoes, and gave everything a lovely dousing in the mint and lime yogurt sauce. She it all and even asked for more cucumber - twice! Isn't it surprising how toddlers will gobble up the foods we least expect them to? We have noticed that Coco loves nothing more to be eating what we are eating. So I'm taking advantage and trying to expose her to as many flavors and textures as possible while she's in this exploration phase. Too many children seem to only want pasta! ;) 

In the beginning, Coco was slow to take to solid food. Once she got into it, her favorite baby foods were avocado, banana and mashed potatoes. Now that she has her molars and can use a fork and spoon, she will try anything and we are always looking to introduce her to more foods. What are your baby or toddler's favorite foods? Which ones took you completely by surprise?

(photo via Martha Stewart)


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