Getting Fit After Postpartum Weight-Loss

While I was pregnant, I was absolutely adorable. No, really, I was. Everyone told me so everywhere I went and I loved being pregnant and felt so cute and beautiful the entire time. It was rad. Then, after the baby came out, I was fat. No, really, I was! And it was fine for the first few months, because I was so wrapped up in nursing a newborn and it was all so new and life-changing that it didn't matter.

But after six months, it was depressing that I still couldn't get into my pre-pregnancy clothes. :( So, finally, I bought some new clothes thinking that this was my new size. But it wasn't! In the end, it took a full year to lose all of the weight completely. And my daily lifestyle of walking a lot, eating well-balanced meals and staying away from sweets and junkfood did the trick on its own.

But losing the weight isn't enough. It's important to get cardiovascular exercise and actually be fit. That's one benefit of spacing our children more than two years apart. I have the time to do so. :) 
Tonight I went to my first "Ballet for Everyone" class taught by Zurich Ballet dancer Veronique Tamaccio. I was so excited to learn about Ballet for Everyone because it's not a "workout" type of workout, and yet it is a really good workout. Veronique is absolutely lovely and the class was excellent. But, oh my goodness! I am so completely out of shape! During the ten minute warm-up, I was working to catch my breath and halfway through the Center practice, my muscles felt like they might atrophy. Yikes! 
Ballet once a week is definitely a good start, but I'm gearing up to do something really crazy this spring. I am going to conquer the Couch to 5k program once and for all. Normally, I only run if I'm in danger (see above) or late for the tram. But for some reason, after being pregnant and giving birth, I realize my body can do all sorts of amazing things. Even run. This will (embarrassingly) be my third attempt at Couch to 5k, but the third time is the charm, isn't it? ;)

Did you gain a lot of weight while pregnant and then get back in shape? What are your favorite ways to exercise your heart and get your endorphins going without going to a gym?

(Top photo of me pregnant by Levy Moroshan Photography and Ballet photo via Tumblr)


  1. Hahaha... This post cracked me up. Especially the part about the three tries at the couch to 5K. Love it!
    I got pretty close to my pre-pregnancy weight shortly after giving birth (My son was a huge eater, so he used up my calories pretty effectively), but what was amazing to me was that even though the numbers on the scale looked the same, my body was shaped differently. My arms were bigger, my waist was thicker, my rear end was smaller. It was trippy and I missed my old body! I mostly did lots and lots of walking, and a little yoga. And I found that as we reached weaning time (when my son was about a year old), suddenly my body looked the same again. I don't know how much of it was related to time, exercise, nursing, or hormones. My aunt had assured me that it took a full year to get back to normal, and it turned out that she was right--at least for my body and hers.
    Pregnancy is a wild ride. We are about two weeks away from number two. We shall see what my body decides to do this time--and if I have time for walking and yoga!

    1. That is fascinating! It's not just about the number on the scale, is it? I am so sore in a good way from my ballet on Wednesday. Now I just need some decent weather so I can start running. Couch to 5k is only eight weeks. But I started too early the last time and got a nasty late winter bug. Then I started up again right away and it was still too nasty and cold out and I got pneumonia. Not making that mistake again! ;)
      I can't wait to hear what your body does with number two. How very exciting that you'll be a family of four! xo

  2. every morning I walk from the train to my smoothie place (kale!) to my office, which is 25 very brisk minutes. I am trying, now that I am used to my new commute/longer hours, to add some yoga or gym time back in the evenings.
    this past summer I used to go to the gym 3-4 days and yoga 2 days (hot vinyasa flow) and I felt SO great and strong and fit! however, I didn't lose any weight- I gained weight! so that was not fun :P
    I have been meaning to try a ballet class again (danced for 10 years when I was younger) but I am so nervous! you are inspiring me to go try it! :D

    1. I've been so surprised at how relaxed and easy-going the class is. Of course there are a few students who think they're a ballerina, but overall the attitude is have fun, work hard, get all sweaty and feel pretty and graceful (avoid the mirrors! ;) You should find a class. I didn't do ballet as a child, so I'm really awful, but you'll be great! xo


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