How do you take your coffee?

Last February, we stayed at The Ace Hotel during our trip to Portland. All in all, it was  pretty awful. The Ace is a place you visit during the day in order to sit in the lobby where you soak up the impossibly hip decor and use the photo booth. It is not a place you stay with a four-and-a-half-month-old baby. After two nights, we switched hotels and stayed at The Governor. That was the best switch of our lives. The Ace with a baby?! We were so new to it all! ;)

But...the Ace did have one thing really going for it. Stumptown Coffee room service! Yes. We took full advantage, because when you have a napping baby in the room, you need things delivered. Just remember to tell them to knock lightly when they arrive with it.
In the room was an extensive menu outlining each of the roasts available to order. 
 The French Press coffee arrived on a tray piping hot inside a Thermos along with all the accoutrements.
A little card describing the beans and flavors of the blend - we ordered a Hair Bender for two.
 Two super hip Stumptown Coffee mugs and little pitcher of cream.
And honey! Honey is my favorite in coffee and you see it everywhere in coffee shops in Oregon, but I'm learning that it's considered rather strange in most other places. Have you tried it?
I like my coffee with a spoonful of honey and lots of cream. J takes his black. How do you take your coffee? Or do you drink it at all? 


  1. I have never heard of honey in coffee! Will have to try it :)
    I only drink tea at work, because I hate coffee from a pot.
    When I'm at a friends' house we will have french press in the morning with milk and sugar (or stevia). When I'm out it's almost always espresso (if it's for caffeine) or cappuccino (for pleasure).

    p.s. Can you tell I am behind on reading (hence all my comments today!)? I got a new job and haven't had a moment to breath between that and going to Berlin! I missed so many great posts from you!!

  2. I'm so excited that you got a new job! I'll email you and then you can tell me all about it and the Berlin apartment. Your Instagram pics from Berlin were so rad! :) Try the honey and let me know what you think. I like that it's a deeper, rounder sweet. Stevia is too sharp and bright a sweet in coffee for me, but I love Stevia "Kool-Aid." It makes the best popsicles in the summer. ;) xo


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