Have a healthy weekend!

This week was entirely consumed by Coco's sickness. She had the stomach flu and it was not a 24-hour thing, or even 72-hour thing. It lasted all week. :( Finally, today, we were well enough to get out and went down to the lake. I sat in the sun and and knitted while Coco napped happily in her buggy. Then, this afternoon, after my magical cure of Top Ramen and Coke, she came out of it and started taking interest in her toys and smiling and laughing again. I'm so happy to have our cheerful little lady back! But, don't worry, I diluted the ultra-salty Top Ramen broth with oral rehydration solution and the Coke, too. It was barely caramel colored! ;) Now that health seems to be returning to our house, this weekend we are going to take it easy and get outside for lots of fresh air. 

Here is what caught my eye this week...

Divorced and then married again (to each other)!

The most beautiful set of wooden blocks.

After having a sick toddler all week, I think this would be worth the money.

I'm so inspired by this family's small space living.

The importance of story telling.

Although I'm in a full embrace with domesticity now, it won't be forever. Grateful for the choices we can make.

I adore this song!

Have a great weekend, remember to wash your hands for a full 30 seconds with soap and warm water (get under your fingernails!) and stay healthy. Trust me, you do not want the Sydney strain in your house. See you back here Monday! xo


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