Norwegian Brown Cheese

March 28, 2013

My friend Nina from our mommy group is from Norway. One day over at her house for a playgroup brunch, she served homemade banana bread with this delicious brown cheese. I immediately loved it. A few weeks ago, her mom visited and she brought me a block of my own. It's a mix of cow and goat cheese and it's almost sweet tasting. Back in January several tons of brown cheese caught fire in a Norway tunnel! Thank goodness no one was hurt. But the loss in cheese was considerable. ;) I need to make some banana bread to enjoy with my brown cheese asap. Have you ever tried it?

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  1. this sounds so good! I have never tried this, but I am currently having a major moment with grilled haloumi- I put it on salads with pomegranate seeds and I can't get enough :)

    1. I love grill cheese! You're making me excited for summer down at the lake. Try to find this brown cheese - I'm sure you can get it in NYC. You can get anything there, right? ;)

    2. I hope so! I am totally going to look for it next time I go to a specialty shop!! enjoy the lake for me :) missing CH so much as we head into spring!!

  2. hiiiilfe, can anyone tell me where i can get ahold of the norweigan Brown cheese here in switzerland....??? ive been trying everywhere....thanx for any tips. ( i live in Luzern)


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