Baby Bike Seats

Yesterday was finally a sunny day, which gives me hope that we won't be shrouded in darkness with snow flying in our eyes forever. Spring days are sure to come our way and we need a bike seat for Coco asap. I really want to get the Yepp Mini, pictured above. I like that it's front mounted and has all those air holes for ventilation. It comes in white, which I think would look great with J's bike. 
Best of all, you can get a super cute sleep roll for the seat so that your little one can nod off and have a snooze while you're riding around. Last summer, when we tried the rear mounted bike seat, it was frustrating that Coco's neck was all slumped and I couldn't see her when she fell asleep. I definitely think front mounted is the way to go. Now I just need a bike myself and we'll be all set. 

(photos via Adeline Adeline)


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  2. At the point when your kid is being hauled behind you in a trailer or is situated behind you on a back mounted seat, you will find that you are agonizing over a lot of things on the grounds that you can't see him. Has his head protector slipped or did he hurled his shoe out a couple squares prior? What is he doing back there? With the front mounted seat, you will find that you can without much of a stretch look down and ensure that all is well.


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