Sad Mac

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw got the "Sad Mac" and her computer was toast? I'm hoping that won't be me today. Our computer called it quits last night, just as we were about to watch an episode of Friday Night Lights (which we then watched on the iPad) and we got the spinning circle on a grey screen for 12 hours. :( A little googling suggests that's not as bad as the blue screen, but we have a Genius Bar appointment this afternoon. Sad day.

It's a sobering reminder that we always abuse our computers, never back up enough and should get better at deleting photos. Do we really need 20 photos of Coco napping one random Thursday afternoon? Or 40 photos of pie crust? Of course not. But who wants to edit photos?! Worst. Time. Ever. And here we are, paying the price. Wish me luck!

Apologies in advance that posting may be a little light this week. I'm doing a mobile post on my iPhone now. I hope it looks good on your big screen. ;) We are going to pick up my bike and the baby seat and helmets this afternoon. I'll do my best to keep you posted, but in the meantime, follow along on Instagram and Twitter. xo


  1. Oh my! I can TOTALLY relate with you. My external hard disk drive suddenly stopped working a month ago and I have ALL my files in there - photos of all my kids since birth, teaching files, etc. I still can't figure out if it can be repaired (since I don't know of any reliable computer shop here in Basel) and I am beyond sad! I hope you are able to get your Mac working soon. Good luck!

    1. That is horrible! I hope you get to the bottom of it soon. I am currently waiting at the Apple Store to hear our computer's fate. I am so nervous!!!


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