Have a sun-drenched weekend!

Spring is finally in Zurich and we are looking forward to sunny days and temperatures in the low 70s this weekend. Finally! Tomorrow we are going bike shopping and then Sunday I have my knitting group and a little girls get together to go to, so Coco will be having a daddy day, hopefully with the new bike seat we plan to get for her tomorrow. Monday is a local holiday that involves a burning snowman that explodes and forecasts the summer. It's a bit too rowdy to attend with a toddler, so we just plan to enjoy the extra day of sunshine together. Here's a bit of what has caught my eye over the past few weeks. 

Command center. Looks helpful. 

So funny! (Or is it depressing? ;)

Dermatologist recommended face wash. Justifies the cost of this little gadget! ;)

Love this kid's sense of humor!

Breastfeeding? Don't rush the solids.

Everything you ever wanted to know about seaming.

10 things to say everyday.

Sugar and kids.

Our latest nightly show. So good!

Obesity in America.

Photo of Athens at sunset from our babymoon to Greece two years ago. And in case you missed it, a new series on Swiss Lark started this week. Here's the first one. :)

Have a lovely weekend and see you back here Monday! xoxo


  1. Love that picture of Athens!

    1. Thank you! It's way late...but I'm thinking of doing a Greece post soon. :) I think you'll like it! xo


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