My Mom's Backyard

August 19, 2013

My mom has a really beautiful backyard shaded by maple trees and a willow. It is lush and green and stays cool in the summer. Most mornings while we were home, I woke up and made my coffee watching Coco help her water the plants through the kitchen window. It's a peaceful place, quiet, comforting. 

Before there was Coco, J and I had Rudy. He's a dwarf rabbit and we had to lie to the animal sanctuary to take him home with us when we didn't have our landlord's approval. It was totally worth the lie. He's the cutest, softest little bunny there is. During the summer, we let him run around my mom's yard. He darts back and forth, jumps and spins, and spends a great deal of time lounging under the hostas. What a cutie.
Every chance she got, Coco was happy to be behind the hose. It was like a meditation for her watching the water fall to the ground. She didn't even notice how wet she was getting. Then she'd look up, completely surprised to see me taking her photo and flash me the happiest toddler grin you can imagine. Ah, summer days. 

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