The Great Computer Debate

Since discovering our MacBook Pro will no longer be with us, we have decided not once, not twice, but three times which would the best computer to replace it. It has been an exhaustive process. We considered our our current location (living abroad), lifestyle (parents to a destructive toddler prone to spilling and/or pouring coffee on laptops), future plans (moving to Spokane in two or three years?), budget (1500 max.), needs (blogging, Photoshop, MS Office), travel (let's be honest, I blog sparsely and poorly while traveling) and speed (we want a fast computer - especially after being relegated to our 2004 PowerBook G4s these past few weeks!)

Initially, we thought we would just get another MacBook Pro. But I always found it clunky and heavy and didn't like traveling with it. Plus, once we added on some memory and a bigger hard drive, it blew our budget pretty quickly. Then I found myself enamored with the MacBook Air. The 11" is the tiniest, cutest, light-as-a-feather laptop in the world! But we ran into the same problem there. Upgrade it to suit our needs and it's a very expensive computer.

Plus, there was one thought that had been nagging me from the beginning, I was worried that we would get a new laptop home and POOF! Another cup of coffee would render it useless. So that got us looking seriously at the iMac. The base model is super fast, has lots of memory and a massive 1 terabyte hard drive. And I really like the idea of compartmentalizing my life. When the laptop is sitting on the kitchen table, it's easy to wind up wasting lots and lots of time online doing nothing special at all. But having our office set up with the iMac, I feel I'll be more likely to have a specific reason I'm using the computer - like blogging or putting together a photo book, not just checking Facebook. ;) We rarely, if ever took our laptop out of the house to work on stuff somewhere else so portability isn't that important, really. I am really, really excited about having our 21.5" iMac. Nothing quite compares to a nice big screen, especially for blogging and photo editing. :)

So, please, be patient with me a little bit longer! Once the new computer has arrived, I have a schedule lined up of some really great posts with lots and lots of beautiful photos. :) Until then, follow along on Instagram! xo


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