An Assortment of Random Tidbits

I completely agree with this obnoxious ecard.

Lately riding the tram or bus (or, heaven forbid a trip that involves two or more transfers between trams and buses) has become so impossible and difficult with Coco that I don't want to leave our neighborhood unless we have to. She insists on sitting and then can't help but climb around or give into the temptation to run up and down the aisle. I hope this phase passes quickly. 

I had a dream that I was pregnant last night. In the dream, I was baking chocolate cupcakes and I cracked open an egg and it had two yolks. OMG.

Coco refuses to go in her buggy anymore. Fair enough.

My orchids are going gangbusters in their new place on the windowsill in our office. Once has four new stems sprouting and the other has three!

Yesterday I spent three hours making the best damn chicken enchiladas, refried beans and Mexican rice J and I have ever tasted. The secret: boil the chicken legs in a pot with a peeled and trimmed garlic clove and a peeled and trimmed and halved small onion. Amazing. Oh, and make your own enchilada sauce, obviously.

I am homesick lately. It doesn't seem to be subsiding.

Coco's and my birthday weekend is coming up at the end of the month. Let the planning begin!

I think Coco might be afraid of the dark and that's the reason she's having a hard time going to sleep at night.

We went to our friend Tess's birthday party Saturday night and it was so ridiculously fun. We rode our bikes there and back. Also ridiculously fun. It's good for parents to have a night out together.

I've set up a babysitting swap with the loveliest French woman I met named Anne-Sophie. We are going to give each other a night out once a month! :)

Thank you for reading my random thoughts. It's just that kind of day. xo