Coco's Birthday Wish List

It's hard to believe our little girl is turning two in a few weeks! Two is a kind of strange birthday. She's not quite old enough to enjoy a party (too overwhelming) but she's aware of what's going on and we want to make sure we honor the day. Here's what's on our wish list for the little lady.

Clockwise from upper left

This was my favorite book as a child. It's a very sweet story about a little girl who saves her pennies to buy a bear from the department store.

Coco is very proud of her skills in using a spoon and fork. The plastic baby stuff doesn't work well on real food, and our salad forks are still too big for her. Ideally, I'd like two sets of these. :)

Mick Inkpen writes the most darling stories about Kipper and his friends. We want any and every title, except for Skates, Arnold, Splosh and Kipper's A to Z, which we already have and love.

Coco discovered Elmo on a t-shirt that was in a box of hand-me-down clothes we were given. Not that I want to encourage the Elmo love affair, but I do think this simple Elmo doll would be fun for her to push around in her buggies with her other babies. ;)

To keep her little tootsies warm on cold winter mornings! These will be useful til March and beyond. Brrr!

These are great for playing games like "Bring me" and building vocabulary. I like cards that have actual photos with no background as they show a realistic, clear image without distraction. Coco would love any and all of the sets, particularly My First Words, Things that Go and Farm

Pouring in the bath is her absolute favorite thing. These are perfect!

Lucky little Coco! I'm knitting her a lovely sweater, we already gave her her scooter while the weather was still nice (she loves it:) and we plan to get a little child-sized table and chairs. Any other suggestions for a two-year-old girl? :) xo


  1. Our almost two year old will receive the Duktig mini kitchen (also on your picture with chairs and table), maybe also some felt food. We try to keep presents simple and few, so probably that will be all from us. Catherine

    1. I agree with you, Catherine! This list is mainly for the grandparents. ;) We gave Coco a second-hand Brio kitchen for Christmas last year. At some point, I'd love to get the sink unit, but our apartment is so small, not now!

  2. I love your list!
    We keep gifts to a minimum here too...but it gets very hard at Christmas time, where apparently everyone feels the need to get our little one something (or a truckload)which is very sweet, but also very overwhelming. It is hard (and feels ungrateful) to explain to people (especially family) that you don't want them to buy a ton of gifts (or any). We try to steer people towards books (and away from lots of plastic or stuffed toys- these we try to avoid unless we really fall in love with something-because over time you can end up with soooo many!). We ended up donating a lot of the toys that we got last Christmas to a women's shelter (I know this might sound terrible, but honestly, he didn't see the toys first, so we didn't rip them away from him or anything like that and he had soooo many other new toys at the time). The toys we donated were ones that we thought he wouldn't play with too much either or were very large and bulky.

    We do have that particular Ikea table and chair set and LOVE it! He uses it all the time :)

    1. Oh, I know what you mean! Last year we kept some unexpected birthday presents from friends and gave them to her at Christmas. ;)

  3. We long ago had to cave to the Elmo obsession. I gave up my aversion to him after reading how Sesame Street designed him so that preschoolers would have a character to relate to.

    1. I'm just happy that she doesn't like Sesame Street. I put it on for and she said, "No more" after about 5 minutes and asked for more Kipper. Phew! ;)


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