Knabenschiessen Weekend!

This weekend is Knabenschiessen in Zurich, so there is no school or work for anyone on Monday. It's a shooting competition and the oldest festival in Zurich. Aside from the shooting, there will be lots of rides and carnival-y things around, so I'm hoping that we can find a carousel for Coco to ride. ;) Because I'm working on several deadlines for other writing and projects at the moment, I am going to go ahead and observe this holiday by not posting Monday. Thanks for understanding. It's time to put my head down and work!

Here's a bit of what's caught my eye this week:

Make a circle in Photoshop.

Don't overwork the dough!

Cute house (under all that ugly).

Would you call 911 over a spider? ;) I love this!

Slippers for the hipster baby.

Tiffany blue kitchen.

Excellent article on postpartum needs. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for this one!

And because she's so easy to shop for, a few more birthday ideas for Coco:

A mini Kanken!

Baby Gap pyjamas. The best babies'/children's jammies of all time!

Cute and comfy dress for fall.

Hello Kitty vegetable cutter.

The classic French yellow raincoat.

The pumpkin coach to go with her princess castle.

I have decided that shopping for babies and children is way easier and more fun than for myself. Ha! I hope you have a great weekend and see you Tuesday. xo