Hot Dog Roast in the Forest

Yesterday, J took Coco in the hiking backpack and they went into the forest for a Hot Dog roast adventure for lunch. They took the train to Erlenbach and then hiked up.
They stopped at a beautiful grilling spot underneath a big tree with a view of the mountains.
Coco helped build the fire. Isn't it rad how the firewood is all set up and under cover? We love that about living here.
Then she read some comics while she waited for the coals to be ready.
Then she was ready for the roast to begin! You won't find American Hot Dogs in the grocery store here, but Wienerli, or Viennese sausage are very similar. My cousin, who just became a nutritionist, is horrified that we give Coco Hot Dogs. Not all the time, of course, but they're a fun treat!
She then hiked part of the way home and did a bit of exploring in a field of corn. 

There were no photos from the eating portion of the adventure. I'm guessing it was a bit messy to bring a camera into. ;) Ha! Doesn't that look like the sweetest daddy-daughter day ever? I got to write my article in a perfectly quiet house while they went and had fun. I told him repeatedly what a great husband and dad he is. 


  1. looks like a lovely day spent!
    love your photos!


    ps...don't worry...the "hot dogs" in CH are not like the ones in north america at all :)

  2. This looks lovely and now I'm craving a hot-dog!

  3. Wow, lovely pictures. Hope you had a great day.

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