Near iPhoto disaster averted!

Last week we somehow dodged a near complete and total iPhoto disaster. How many times do I have to nearly lose heaps of photos before I get organized and never let it happen again? I didn't keep count, but I am proud to say that I just set up our AirPort Time Capsule and I never have to think about backing up again. YAY! 

It's the most magical backup machine for lazy people like myself. I hate backing up and I never think about backing up. That is, until I lose or almost lose photos. It's stupid, because backing up makes life so much easier. What can I say? Thankfully, the nifty AirPort Time Capsule contraption automatically backs up over your wifi network all day everyday, and you can basically forget about backing up forever. :)

These photos above, taken of Coco in March 2012, were magically recovered during the 3 hours I spent on the phone (or on hold) with Apple during the ordeal. They had been lost during a failed import and then they just magically reappeared. How's that for a bonus?!