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September 18, 2013

Here is our insanely multi-tasking nursery. It is the nursery, of course, where we change diapers, dress Coco and keep all of her clothes. It is also the office back there on the right, and the guest room. (You can just see the guest bed peeking into the frame and it goes off to the left.) It's a tiny room to begin with, but now that we're thinking of having another baby, it needs to go through another transformation and become a nursery/toddler room/guest room/office. Can it be done?! 
I found a lot of shared room inspiration online and one possible solution is this loft bed from IKEA. If we were to lift the guest bed into the air, a comparatively massive space would magically be created underneath! It would be big enough for a toddler bed, nightstand and toy area with a rug. 

But it's so hard to imagine if that would make the room feel overly crowded (like the sky is falling type of crowded;) And, I wonder how easy it would be for a guest to go to sleep with a little toddler sleeping under their bed. Plus, using the office after she went to sleep wouldn't work. :( Before giving up entirely, I thought I would ask if you have any thoughts or ideas? My mom is coming for Christmas and we love having a space for her when she's here, but after her visit, I think it's time to start envisioning a space for Coco. That said, I want to exhaust every possible option before giving up our guest space! Thanks in advance for your input. :) xo

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  1. It is well organized, the colour combination and the furnitures are really attractive..

  2. We still have Charlie's room as a guest room- when we have visitors we put him to bed in there, then when we go to bed we lift his cot (very quietly!!) into the living room. Our guests sleep in the double bed in his room. When we have more guests and have people in the living room too we put a travel cot up in the family bathroom where he sleeps- then we all queue to use the tiny guest bathroom! Works fine for a couple of nights!xx

  3. I am thinking about this constantly while we are looking at apartments in Switzerland online....2 bedrooms or 3? Two bedrooms is usually much cheaper a month, so we are swaying towards that....now how to make it work is another story!
    Living in Europe will make for lots of guests I am sure...
    By the time we move, Felix will be ready for a big bed (he is in an Ikea converted crib/toddler bed now). I am thinking of just decorating the 2nd bedroom as his room only, and when guests come, change the sheets and put a little guest cart ( http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2013/09/try-this-a-guest-room-cart.html ) in and voila! While the guests are over we will share our room with Felix...
    Those are my thoughts on it...BUT...it all depends on how our apartment is going to be set up in the end...it might not work...add another baby to the equation and a need for an office... (we will be in the same boat)....I think we will be searching for a 3 bedroom after all ;)
    ...man, I am no help! ;)

  4. We looked at buying the exact same Ikea loft bed when we lived in Zurich too! However my husband and I were looking at buying it for ourselves as we had to share a single bed in our tiny studio apartment and it was getting a little squishy. We decided not to get it though as it was just a little too tall. That might not be much of an issue though if it's just for visitors to use occasionally. For every day use though it wasn't going to work for us - too much bumping our heads on the ceiling! Instead we just spent a year squished into a tiny bed! I can't imagine ever doing that again...

    We currently have a two bedroom apartment with two kids and a third on the way so I feel your pain trying to work out where to fit everything/everyone. For now I've ordered bunk beds for my two girls to share. I'll leave the crib set up (as a junior bed) for now so that when we have visitors my youngest can sleep in it and the bottom bunk will be free. I'll have to come up with another solution when the baby comes along but fingers crossed by then we'll be in a bigger apartment/house. While I'd love to be able to provide extra space for visitors, making the space usable for everyday is much more important. Visitors are generally understanding if they have to sleep on a blow up mattress or a fold out couch.

    As far as the office area is concerned, my husband's suggestion is always to "throw technology at it". Back home in Australia we had a large house with a separate office so we could have big desks and lots of work space. Here in San Francisco that kind of space would be such a luxury. We've had to work out ways to bring our work space into the living space. Technology is great for this. Laptops can be used anywhere, printers don't need to be connected any more... I do prefer to use my computer at a desk so we have a super skinny one from Ikea (Besta Burs). It's narrow enough to fit in the entry way to our apartment. Our printer is hidden away in a cupboard in another room and is connected wirelessly. They're just little changes but they make a difference when it comes to space.

    1. Hilarious! I think the issue comes down to my hating a guest commandeering the living room. It's terrible, I know, but I want to send them away to their own space at night! Haha! We are no closer to a solution. I have been sleeping in the guest room (in order to get some sleep;) and the room is WAY too small to overwhelm with a huge loft bed. Back to square one!! ;)

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