On this very rainy Monday

This is the view out of our little office window right now. And the progress I've made on Coco's birthday sweater. I've hit a point of exhaustion and sleep fatigue I never knew possible. I'm so tired! The past two nights, I was desperate to get some sleep, and somehow, both nights, J ended up waking me at the critical moment just as I was falling asleep. That is the worst time to get woken up. It always means at least another hour and a half or more before I can fall back asleep. Drrh! So today I changed the bed linens and got the guest room all set up for myself. I'm sleeping in there for the rest of the week and J can night wean Coco again. Tonight I sleep. Happy Monday!

This weather is so dreary, but I am thankful that at least Coco and I managed to get outside during a 40 minute break in the rain and she rode her scooter around the block. Such is life with a toddler. 40 minutes around the block! ;) But it's important to give her that time to explore and investigate all the rocks and pebbles and curbs and doorways we pass. She is cuter and talking more everyday. In the past few days, she's been saying 'thank you' quite regularly. And today she started saying 'bless you.' It's so amazing to watch her spoken language explode. Truly.

We had some friends over for lunch yesterday and it was so fun to have them, but after they left, we finally had to admit that our apartment is too small for entertaining. It's fine for a couple. Or a couple with a newborn, but start getting into larger groups and it's so crammed and chaotic. I felt sorry for our guests! We loved the chance to spend an afternoon with them and have a nice long chat, of course. But I do wish we hadn't been stuffed into our miniature kitchen. ;) I was thinking about it last night when I couldn't sleep, and we set up our entire apartment when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Our only focus then was nesting, a place to bring a baby home to. A place to relax, read, knit, sit by the fire, nurse, snuggle, sleep - or not sleep with a baby in our arms. That was it. And that's really what this little nest is good for. With winter on the way, I'm looking forward to fires and snuggles and lots of candles more and more. 

I hope your week is off to a good start! xo