Hooray! for the weekend.

Coco's new favorite word is HOORAY! and she shouts it out with joy. We had the busiest week and it was quite nice. Lots of bike (scooter) riding and playing. Lots of time with friends. Lots of progress on Coco's birthday sweater. And a very exciting photo shoot of our apartment, which will be featured in the IKEA Family newsletter in November. Hooray! All in all, an awesome week and now it's Friday night. I have a sleeping baby and a quiet apartment because J is at a Montessori conference tonight and tomorrow and there is a mountain of laundry to be done. Business as usual!

To be honest, not much caught my eye this week, but here are a few random tidbits and a some links to go with them.

How incredible is the final season of Breaking Bad? Are you watching? OMG. I can hardly breathe it's so intense. Have you seen the incredibly ridiculous (and sort of rad) Lego set?

Hello Kitty BEER has been introduced in Asia. I am hoping I can get my brother to bring me some at Christmas. ;)

I found out today that a very close friend of mine is pregnant! And it's ridiculous, but this sweet toddler show actually has me really excited about having a brother or sister for Coco. (Coco and I watched it together last week and it all works out so well for Miffy when Baby Bun comes along.)

Today I wrapped up Coco's birthday shopping! We got her this Duplo set, which I know she'll love because she has become mildly obsessed with them since figuring out how they work a few days ago. I really love watching those little discoveries take place.

She will also be the lucky recipient of this realistic child-size mop and broom set. (I'm thrilled to say we paid less than half that price in Switzerland! What a nice surprise.) She's really into "ceaning" (cleaning) so I'm sure she'll be a busy bee with this.

And she's getting this classic cash register! (It was less than a third of that price! Really, Switzerland?! How rad.) I loved this thing as a kid and she's obsessed with our friends' older child's grocery store cash register, but the pieces in that one are way too small for her, so I'm hoping she will like this one.

I can't wait to see her open them! But I'm sure she'll love her sweater most of all as it really is turning out cute. ;)

Please let the weather forecast be wrong about the rainy weekend ahead. Today wound up being a gorgeous day and Coco and I had to sweat it out in layers and rain boots. Ick! I hope you have a lovely weekend and see you back here Monday! xo


  1. what scooter is that? it looks perfect for a toddler! (the three wheels)

    1. It's the Micro 3-in-1. So fabulous! http://goo.gl/8EhnMb


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