A Little Update on a Cloudy Tuesday

We've had a lot up in the air recently. But, thankfully it has all landed and we know where we stand on all fronts! :)

For starters, I am not pregnant. Phew! Over the past week, while I was waiting on my very late period, (but testing negative on a home pregnancy test) I learned that night-weaning will mess up your cycle big time! I am so thankful and feel very fortunate that we night-weaned when we did because right now would just be a terrible time for me to be pregnant. I absolutely need to go ahead with this ear surgery as soon as possible and it would be very stressful and potentially dangerous to wait, so it's really nice to know where we stand. Now I can move on to more exciting questions like whether or not to lower my health insurance deductible for 2014, and which hospital to go to, and things like that. 

Now that I don't have to worry about making plans for baby-number-two, I am actually delighted! I'm going to get back to my ballet class, finally. And maybe I'll even join a gym and do lots of Pilates and finish the Couch to 5K at last. It's very liberating; something I didn't expect at all. 

And then what should happen out of the blue, but I got a call from a former work colleague with a job prospect. I got the call Thursday, went to visit the school Friday, and I'm happy to say I loved it. If everything works out, I'll be working part-time starting in December and Coco will get to start in Montessori, too! Isn't it bizarre how all of a sudden, things just start falling into place and coming together? Life really is full of surprises. 

Now I'm happily getting used to the idea of Coco and I getting up and out the door together in the morning, having a lovely Montessori three-hour work period (with a view of the lake!) and then after lunch, our afternoons free for Coco's nap, grocery shopping, errands, visits to the park, and just being at home. I think at this point it could give our lives some much-needed structure.

Finally, I'm terribly excited because a close friend of mine is currently going through IVF and this past weekend, they extracted five eggs, four of which fertilized successfully. This Friday, if all goes well, they will go ahead with the implantation! (I told you it was terribly exciting.) So let's all send tons of love and good wishes and prayers their way! 

That's the update from here. More posts with beautiful photos and less blabbering coming up tomorrow! ;) xo