Coco's 2nd Birthday

At the end of September, Coco turned two and her birthday brunch was a huge success! It was super fun for both the children and adults alike. Her wonderful godmother, Noel, hosted and I am so excited to finally share some of the photos with you. 

Coco's day began with breakfast and opening one of her presents from us! Because we were going to her party by train and had lots of food to take along with us, we decided to leave all her presents at home to open after dinner. But we let her open one before we left. The result was a full day of present opening for lucky Coco. ;)
When we arrived, I got the nibbles and champagne all ready for our guests. The night before, I had prepared two huge breakfast casseroles that needed to bake for an hour each. We waited until everyone had arrived, popped them in the oven and my work was done! It was so nice to be able to chat with everyone and have no stress during the party. 
Coco's friends were happy to host the part and helped their mom lay out all of the Hello Kitty cupcakes and blow up the balloons.
Everyone had lots of time to chat and visit and Coco got oodles of hugs and attention before we ate. 
Then it was time for Noel's beautiful cupcakes and singing "Happy Birthday!"
Coco was so amazed by all the candles and signing. She blew them all out like a pro and (unlike last year) didn't waste any time digging in to her cupcake! ;)
After opening her lovely presents, thanking Noel and her family and saying goodbye to her guests, it was time to go home and open more presents!
Coco had a big package full of presents wrapped in ELMO wrapping paper from her grandma and grandpa in Oregon. She was thrilled to open each and every one!
Then she was the happiest girl alive to see that they had gotten her her very own Cuddle-me-Elmo doll. What joy!
Her last present was a really special one. It was a framed photo of her with her grandma and grandpa from last summer. She loved pointing at it and saying, "Coco! Grandma! Grandpa!" It was the absolute cutest and you could tell she loved it.
So, of course, she showed Elmo. ;) It was a very happy second birthday all around for our darling bundle of love. Each year with her gets more and more wonderful. We love you, Coco! xo


  1. Those are some gorgeous photos!!! It looks like everyone had an amazingly fun time (especially the birthday girl!). I LOVE the idea of a birthday brunch smart for toddlers and their schedules. You will have to post those breakfast casserole recipes!!! (pretty please ;) )

    1. You're not the only one who wants the casserole recipe! I'll check with my uncle and see if it's share-able. ;)

  2. I love all the photos, they are so colourful and full of life and happiness! I feel very privileged to have been part of such a special day and I hope you guys stay very long in Switzerland so we can celebrate many Coco's birthdays together :) Karina


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