Switzerland: Lost and Found on Display

One thing I really love about living in Switzerland is the way people display lost items they have found. If someone sees a hat or scarf lying on the ground, instead of leaving it where it is to get dirty (or taking it for themselves) they put it on display. That way, when the owner realizes it's missing and retraces their steps, there it is, just waiting for them! Isn't that wonderful?

I love how that pink nuscheli is perfectly clean and without a speck of dust in the top photo, even though it's in the busiest square in the city. Then last summer, I happily found a lost hat of Coco's tied to a street sign in our neighborhood. It totally made my day. With babies and toddlers, it seems we mamas are always losing things, doesn't it?

And it's not just Zurich, I saw this trend in action in Neuchâtel when I lived there, too. I think it is just completely rad. What do you think? Will you start doing this where you live? Do people do this already?


  1. We loved (and REALLY appreciated) this act of kindness when we were in Switzerland last Summer and we lost a precious softie that Felix takes everywhere with him at the Zurich zoo. We retraced our steps and found it on a fence post...it was so nice to see that!

    ps...Thank you so much for your television shows for toddlers post...we were in the same boat as you...now we have a few shows on dvds (no commercials) that he loves and watches very sparingly. I put on the "Hello Kitty" show you suggested last night (a 10 minute Halloween episode on You Tube)...he LOVES it...danced away to the theme song and everything! :) I think I will be ordering a dvd off Amazon :) Thanks for the suggestions!


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