Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Big Move: Duluth, Minnesota!

Back in February we went to interview in Duluth, Minnesota. The job prospects came out of nowhere and one week we were going about our business in Zurich, the next we booked tickets and were planning our trip to Duluth. While we were there, the record was broken for the longest number of consecutive days the temperature didn't rise above zero Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). Brrr! It was the coldest winter in 30 years and unlike anything we'd ever experienced before. During the walk pictured above, it was -6 Fahrenheit (-22 Celsius!) and we really couldn't stay out much longer than 20 minutes. We like to think of ourselves as adventurous folks, so we didn't let the sub-zero temperatures dissuade us away from the offer we got. Besides, by the end of the week, it got up to a balmy 20 Fahrenheit (-7 Celsius) and we didn't even need to wear a hat! ;) Our Zurich chapter is a wrap. In a few weeks, we are moving to Northern Minnesota. Luckily all the snow has melted by now and it is much warmer. ;)
We must be crazy to move to Northern Minnesota. But one huge bonus I have my fingers crossed for is the Northern Lights. The photo above was actually taken in Duluth in August 2011 when there were auroras caused by a double sun blast. Wouldn't that be incredible to see?

I sincerely hope you'll follow along with us on our new adventure! Baby boy will be born in Duluth and Coco will start Montessori there in August, just as she would have here. J and I are looking forward to settling into our new rental (it's gorgeous and huge!) canoeing and camping with Coco as best we can before baby boy arrives (or after depending on his temperament;) and American convenience. With two kids, I think having a car will be nice change of pace!

So now I'm in the brainstorming phase of what to call the new blog. Swiss Lark won't really make sense once we're not here anymore, and I'm not really sure what to call it or what direction to take with blogging. We shall see what I come up with. No matter what, I'll be sure to forward you all to the new site, of course! Thanks for being part of our Swiss Lark and following along with our day-to-day life here. Over the next few weeks, I hope to re-cap our time here, post photos of all our last-minute travel around Europe and share with you how it feels to leave this place we brought our first child home to and where we became parents. We certainly have grown and changed a lot since we arrived. Stick with us; there's more to come! :) xoxo

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Decorating: The Kids' Room

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Now that we're moving, all I think about is furniture. I think it's partly because I have nowhere else to channel my nesting energy while packing up our home and getting rid of things, and partly because redecorating is just about my favorite thing ever. I still need to fill you in on the details of our move - it's a big one - but for now, let's talk about how cute Coco and baby boy's shared room is going to be.

We are getting Coco the cutest ever toddler bed and handing down her changing table and crib to baby boy. I'm going for a yellow, pink and blue color scheme and getting each of them the adorable silhouette duvet covers from Stokke for their respective beds. Before he transitions into the crib, we will co-sleep with baby boy. And while most of his naps will be outside in his pram, I got this lovely bassinet for his naps inside. For his clothes and blankets, I decided on an ultra modern dresser that combines the white of the changing table and the natural wood of the crib to tie them together a bit more.

Another element I really wanted to include was a big cozy chair we can all snuggle up on to read books together. I love the pop of color in the form of a yellow nightstand next to the chair to hold said books. ;) Because Coco will be choosing her own clothes and dressing herself any day now, it was important to get her a toddler proportioned wardrobe and dresser so that she can reach everything. And, finally, to keep the room cheerful and cozy, I chose an aqua dot wool rug for the floor. 

I am so excited to see it all come together! Do your children share a room? Would you have a boy and girl share or do your children have their own rooms?

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