On Moving

I've identified a pattern we follow when moving. Where shall I begin? Really it's more of a loop. It goes something like this. First, when preparing to move, I look around our home and think to myself, or out loud to Joel, "It won't be that bad. We don't actually have that much stuff. I think it should be pretty easy.These are three complete lies.They are the lies that we all tell ourselves because otherwise we would never find a way to muster the courage to go through with the move. But, they are lies nonetheless. Next,convinced by my own lies, I forge ahead, every time. I get going and pack and pack. These are the neat, tidy boxes that are easy to put together. Once they're complete, it feels like we should be done! But we are far from done. This is when we enter the detritus stage, the point at which the entire house seems to be filled and littered with junk that multiplies when I turn my back and whose origin I cannot fathom or recall to save my life. "Where did all this stuff come from?!" I exclaim in agony, hands in the air, pleading with some higher detritus power who refuses to save me. Ugh. We all know that phase, am I right? It feels impossible, but there is only one thing to do.This prompts the adrenaline fueled, frantic resolution. Somehow, through sheer will power, we manage to do one of two things: Pack and move all the junk because we simply don't know what else to do. Or, throw it all away out of the same misery. Both scenarios are problematic. Obviously, one should not move junk, nor should it just be thrown away when much of it is still useful and could be donated and reused by someone else. Sigh. Finally, I swear up and down that the next time we move, it will all be different. I make grand claims along the lines of, "I am going to get rid of everything we don't use and love," or the similar, but equal, "I will only pack things I will be genuinely excited to UNPACK!" Groan. How on earth does one attain such an ideal?

Hold on. I actually know exactly how to attain such an ideal. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll remember my poetic waxing ad nauseam over this book. I got more than a little inspired and told anyone who would listen. I got half way through the papers category and then lost steam. Those huge bags of must-be-shredded papers are still sitting by our back door. Fail! I guess today, I will drop them off at Staples or similar for shredding and get on with the list. It really needs to happen. Otherwise, I will succumb to the same usual fate outlined above. And we can't have that.

Oh, and I forgot the last lie I tell myself every time we move: That I will never do it again. Ha! Here we go again. Wish us luck! xx