Baby Measurements

When Theo was born, I realized (suddenly) that I think in kilograms and centimeters. The nurse weighed him, once she had managed to pry him from my arms, and exclaimed, "9 pounds, 9 and a half ounces!" to the cries of delight and surprise from the doctors and other nurses. Meanwhile, I smiled a half-smile and asked, "What's that in grams?!" and then, upon hearing the whopping number 4,350, burst into shocked laughter like the rest of the room.

This does not apply to adults, mind you, just babies and children. When we took Coco to Enchanted Forest, she was not allowed to ride the log ride because she isn't yet 40 inches tall. To me, 40 inches sounds really tall for a 3-year-old, so I was thinking she's doing all right at 37. But then, I converted it to centimeters and nearly fell over. Coco is only 94 centimeters?! Most 18-month-olds are taller than that. Oh dear. 

So I continue to shop at H&M where the sizes are listed in centimeters, and I continue to convert Theo's height and weight each time I take him to the doctor. That little chunker at 12 months weighed more than Coco at 26 months. He was so happy to get off that scale! I will never understand Celsius and I had to convert my own weight into pounds at every prenatal check, but for babies and children, I seem stuck on metric. Just another repat problem! ;)


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  2. Great article! I love how you integrated the venuearc give real time reporting into your baby measurements blog. It makes it so much easier for me to keep track of my little one's progress. Thank you for sharing!


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