Insel Ufenau

Fall is an excellent time to visit Insel Ufenau in Lake Zurich. Boats depart regularly from Bürkliplatz and it takes a few hours to get to the island. Once you're there, a short walk will take you to the old Roman church and the restaurant. It's never a bad idea to call ahead and check the restaurant is open. However, there is always a sign visible from the boat telling you if it's open or closed before you alight.
While I was pregnant with Coco, we did a lovely trip to Ufenau and had food from the restaurant. It was so relaxing.
Then, when Coco was a toddler, we took her there. Instead of eating from the restaurant, we brought a picnic and got a full bottle of the wine made from grapes grown on the island! ;)
Coco loved running around and seeing the animals. Best of all were these lunching rabbits. Then we took a little tour of the island and made our way back to the dock where the boat pulled up perfectly on schedule to take us back to Zurich. It is a full-day trip from Zurich, but a very relaxing and enjoyable one, particularly if you enjoy sitting on (or following a toddler around) a boat.

Have you been to Insel Ufenau? What did you think?