Have a lovely weekend

What are you getting up to this weekend? I am going away for two nights with my sister to see Ira Glass in Missoula - with no kids! I'm super nervous about being away from Theo because I've never left him overnight before, but I'm looking forward to a girls' weekend. We are going on a hike on Saturday before Ira and out for breakfast on Sunday. Can't wait! If you have any tips on traveling (and pumping!) away from baby, I'm all ears.

And here are some fun links for your weekend:

A 9/11 rainbow.

Making these for Coco's lunch next week.

Celebrities with no makeup.

Tiny bathroom help.

This guy on the ukulele is just insane.

Have you tried overnight oats?

Cities by starlight.

We got held up taking Coco to school last week!

36 hours in Portland.

This cracked me up!

One double tour, please. I'm swooning!

10 podcasts to change your life.

Can you believe it's been 14 years since September 11? It feels like yesterday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you back here Monday. xo


  1. Prepping the overnight oats in individual mason jars is a perfect idea! Reminds me that you can add all kinds of different toppings/mix-ins to switch it up. It is the same idea as Birchermuesli, right? Did you have that while in CH? I only had it once or twice while there, but I've prepared it a ton since moving back.


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