Have a grateful weekend

How was your week? Coco had her first week of school and we are all happy to be back on a routine. Coco especially. That girl just loves school. What are your weekend plans? Some of my favorite cousins are in town this weekend for my cousin's 50th birthday party Saturday night. It's going to be so much fun! There is definitely a cool snap in the air these days. Fall is upon us. Hooray! I cannot wait to make this incredible Green Goddess Roasted Chicken. Doesn't it look so good? I'm drooling over that photo. :)

And here are a few links for your weekend:

"But I was wrong, and oh how I loved being wrong."

Signing up for this class ASAP.

What starts labor.

To the moon.

Radical apartment makeover.

Dreaming of this vacation. Have you been?

I'm swooning over this space.

Ways to ask your child about their day.

Excited to read this book.

Finally, on a very serious note, I am so upset over the Syrian Refugee crisis.

Two ways to help: JRS and CRS. These two charities do an excellent job of getting the resources and help to the people who need it - quickly.

I'm curious if those of you with children have felt compelled, or needed to talk to them about this? What have you said? How did you say it? I want to talk to Coco about it to help her gain awareness of the fragility of life and to develop empathy and compassion for others. I do not want to shield or shelter her from these omnipresent things in the media that might just confuse her otherwise. I would love to hear how you're handling it.

One thing is for sure: It's easy to take the only things that really matter for granted. I am so grateful that J, Coco, Theo and I are all safe, healthy and alive today.

Have a fantastic long weekend and see you back here Tuesday. xo


  1. That Yucatan vacation looks wonderful. Niko and I covered many of those places when we backpacked around Mexico right before we moved to Zurich. Tulum was such a lovely place to visit as a family.

    1. You inspired me, Emily! Ever since your email I've had Tulum on the brain. :):):)

  2. Hello,
    I just discovered your blog today via Cup of Jo, and having just moved to Zurich a month ago from the US, I am absolutely scouring your archives this morning and loving reading about your time here. As someone who is still excited to be here but struggling somewhat with reality vs. expectations, reading your experiences and how you feel after moving back to the US has made me really hopeful. Thanks :)

    1. Oh that makes me so happy! I'm glad to hear it's helpful. :) Who knows, maybe we will be back one day. It takes time to adjust to Zurich, but once you do, you're ruined for life! Seriously. Nowhere is as clean, efficient and beautiful as Zurich. Enjoy!!! xo

  3. Hi there Lindsey, I've just recently found your blog and have really enjoyed what I've read so far. Hope you're coping with what sounds like a really hard transition. On the topic of talking to your kids about the refugee crisis, I just read this and although it's Australian focused, it would be helpful for anyone I think... Joanna http://www.unicef.org.au/blog/september-2015/how-to-talk-to-your-kids-about-the-refugee-crisis


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