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We are slowly but surely getting our house all set up. It is a real treat to decorate such a cozy, well-proportioned space. Bizarre as it may be, all of our furniture has wound up fitting so perfectly, sometimes within a centimeter! Our space last year in Duluth was absolutely huge and I learned that I hate living in a large space. When we got this tiny house, I never thought everything would fit, but I honestly didn't care. The moment, I walked through the door, I was completely in love and ready to sign on the dotted line.  I can't wait for everything to be finished and share photos with you. 

The most fun part of this process has been repurposing furniture in an effort to avoid buying anything new. We are pretty much flat broke and canceling or reducing every payment possible. (Just a little aside: unemployment is not fun and it has taken living that reality to fully realize what it means. So if you're going through it, you are not alone!)

We had originally bought the IKEA shelves pictured above for our bathroom last year. By the time things started heading south, they did so in a flash, so we kept them in their packages and moved them with us. Now I envision them over our desk, like pictured below.
We have the same desk and legs pictured, but we got knock-off Eames chairs to go with them. With the addition of an IKEA RENS sheepskin, they're actually quite cozy and comfortable. I have an angular white lamp with a cork shade from last year, but we desperately need a calendar. In Zurich, we would get an ugly, free, vertical-format calendar from the Apotheke every year. We simply cannot function without a calendar on the kitchen wall to give that visual of available vs. unavailable. In addition to a beautiful calendar, we are going to give this app a try, but I'm skeptical. First of all, it's unattractive and I just don't see myself wanting to open it and look at it. Secondly, it's all too easy to ignore it, or get distracted by other texts, notifications, or just Candy Crush when it's on my phone. ;) But, it's pretty highly rated with lots of accolades, so I suppose we ought to try it. Do you use it? How is it?

Finally, I really want to have some succulents or other easy-to-care for plants to add some life and green. You can take the girl out of Oregon... I love these little kitty planters, but they're pricey, so I'm going to hit Goodwill and try to approximate. Wish me luck!

Do you have a home office? How do you keep it inspirational, fresh and uncluttered?

PS - Our mini office in Zurich.

Scandinavian office photo from Avotakka


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