Have the best weekend

I am so bummed today because we had to cancel our weekend plans to go to Seattle and visit our old neighbors from Zurich who just moved back. It turns out this is the one weekend this month that J has class all day Saturday. Boo. But, so far we've made the most of it. I took the kids to the Y and they played in the Childwatch while I worked out. Then we got everything to make the most ridiculous meatballs that I discovered from a Facebook video of all places. I am throwing them in the Le Creuset in a few minutes here and can't wait to see how they turn out. Three cheers for crisp(er) fall weather, savory slow-cooker meals and the amazing leaves around town. If there is one thing I can say without a doubt, it's that Spokane has the best weather ever. Sunny spring, hot hot summer, golden-warm colorful fall and freezing snowy winters. I do love that.

Here is a bit of what caught my eye around the web this week:

Tonight's meatballs. (Just ignore the cheesy music!)

Well said.

Have you ever had a Word document just disappear?! This completely saved me this week.

Grown-up play kitchens.


As much as I love co-sleeping, I believe this.

Gorgeous pizza dough.

So sweet.

My new favorite laundry detergent.

And I'm so honored to be guest-posting on Kimmy and Bear covering Montessori topics for the next five weeks. You can see the first post in the series here.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you back here Monday. xoxo


  1. From the NYT today, an echo of your sentiments: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/11/jobs/an-alpine-antidote-to-working-weekends.html?_r=0

    1. Yep! My thoughts exactly. Except we don't have permits waiting for us, so we have to hope and pray we can get them again...sigh. Thanks for the link! xo


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