Enjoy your weekend!

Things are just crazy busy around here. I have been sick with the nastiest head-cold-slash-sinus-infection-slash-plugged-ears thing for weeks. I'm low energy and grumpy and Christmas is speeding into view. The house is a wreck, we've got mountains of laundry to get through and I just want to crawl in bed and sleep, or take a bubble bath, or cry. You know the feeling? Ugh. Tis the season for viruses and exhaustion.

But I'm so happy that the solstice is nearly here. In four days, we will be on the other side of it and each day will be just a little bit longer and a little bit lighter. That gives cause for rejoice!

And here are some links for your weekend.

The remembering power of water.

Schooling fit for a king!

To have a mom, to be a mom.

Listen closely for the coastal French winds.

We are having Yorkshire puddings with roast chicken and gravy tonight.

Don't worry, it's allowed.

I've never experienced any breastfeeding shaming. Have you?

Slow cooker recipe collection. Bookmarking this for January!

But where does all the stuff go?

The classic sweet potato casserole.

Ways to support post-trauma healing.

The most ridiculous thing ever. Really.

I'm happy to report that the snow is really coming down outside! :) See you back here Monday! xo

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