New Year's Goddess Card Reading

How did you begin 2016? I woke up after J had already left for the mountain to teach ski lessons and paused for a moment to marvel at sweet, angelic Theo still sleeping beside me. Then, I slipped out of bed quietly, threw on my favorite-ever merino wool leggings and a sweater, and turned up the heat. It was so cold! Just 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but brilliantly sunny and beautiful. A greater marvel still was that Coco was also still sleeping -- in her own bed! So, without wasting a moment, I poured myself a mug of coffee from the French Press J had left half-full for me and grabbed my deck of Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Then I went out into the full sun on the living room rug and gave myself a new year reading for the weeks and months ahead.

2016 is going to be a very good year.

I received my goddess cards from a yoga teacher and friend in Arizona. They are remarkably accurate and encouraging and I honestly cannot recommend them enough. Each reading is a three card pull detailing the immediate past, present and near future.

According to the goddesses, my work in the immediate past has been to get in touch with my divine self and femininity. This really seems to fit with my recent commitment to meditating and self-care. For the present, my current task is to focus on unconditional love and forgiveness. It was the perfect card to pull right now because Duluth is truly behind us. All of the bickering, judgment and chaos we experienced there is finished and gone. It feels so good to let it all go. For the third and final card, which foretells the future over the next few months, I got a reminder that the future is bright. My job is not to worry, but instead to visualize abundance.

Life feels filled with promise and goodness right now. It's a funny thing; J and I have less money and more uncertainty than we've ever had as a married couple. And yet. We are so filled with joy. We are optimistic about our future plans and goals. We are so in love with our kids. We treasure all of the time we have together. It's such a good feeling.

Of course, things aren't perfect. Some days it feels like slogging through a field of mud. Some days it feels like we screwed up and made all the wrong decisions in life. Some days, our kids, being the young little people they are, test our patience to the very limit. Some days I'd give anything for a few hours alone. But, overall, we are healthy and happy and life is beautiful.

Our new year's resolutions are all about scheduling. Time for J to ski. Time to be together as a family. Time for me to blog and write. I came up with a mantra: Don't stress, MANIFEST! We busted out the Hello Family calendar I brought back from Switzerland in October and we are ready to make all of our dreams come true. Watch out, 2016. We're coming for you. I am so grateful to be alive, healthy and dreaming big dreams for the future.

I hope your new year is off to a fabulous start, too. Isn't the promise of a fresh year stretching ahead so exhilarating? Happy New Year! xo