Thursday, January 28, 2016

Four Fabulous Instagram Accounts

Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform. Here are four accounts you should definitely be following if you're not already! Miss Etc (above) is a DIY & Lifestyle blogger from Bordeaux. Her photos are colorful and bright and always cheer me up.
Janne Honkaniemi is Finnish, living in Finland. His photos are exquisitely dramatic and full of feeling. He portrays the cold and ice with such beauty. He also travels and shares equally beautiful photos of landscapes elsewhere, including Switzerland last summer! They will evoke your senses of adventure and wonder.
Another French Instagrammer I adore is pomverte, from the Southwest; think Provence, Nice and Marseille. Her gentle and clean photos of the beautiful sun-drenched landscape and her adorable children and new puppy will warm your heart.
Finally, I recently discovered flywithcarola, a Vienna-based flight attendant for Swiss. If you've never dreamed of being a flight attendant, then her Instagram feed is sure to give you the envie. Her photos are chic and will speak to the wanderlust in your heart.

I find that Facebook can really get old with all the angry political messages (guilty! Go, Bernie!) and immature memes (again, guilty!) but Instagram is all beauty and inspiration; a true break from all the noise of everyday life. Don't you agree? And who are your favorite Instagrammers? I am always looking for new people to follow.


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