Have a lovely weekend

January 29, 2016

This weekend, it's supposed to be mild and sunny, so I can't wait to get Coco and Theo outside at the park for the first time in months. Then the snow returns next week. Ho-hum. It's not that I don't love the snow, but winter can feel so long and dreary. It's hard not to be counting down the days until spring at this point!

Here are some links for you:

Winter rituals to help you through.

For the bearded man in your life.

In favor of having a third!

Barbacoa recipe, because I miss Chipotle!

You'll never look at a binder clip the same.


Let Tinkerbell tinker. (Good advice for little girls).

A stay-at-home-mom on the verge of depression.

Kale is not healthy.

My roommate's Alt Summit recap post is so sweet!

Although that photo makes me think of this book. Ha! ;)

Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday! xo

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