Have a magical weekend.

Do you have big plans for Valentine's Day? J and Coco have skiing all day Sunday, which is a bummer, but we've got some amazing sea salt dark covered chocolate caramels and we will open a special bottle of wine once we get the little munchkins to sleep. Really, we just love the simple little things in life, so I'm excited to hang out at home. Soon, however, we'll be getting regular date nights again. We've got some neighbors that we might start a babysitting swap with and that will be a wondrous thing! I can't wait to get it started.

Here's a bit of what caught my eye this week:

The gravitational waves discovery blew my mind. This line in particular made me stop, take a deep breath, and bathe in the awe of it all: "Science, like art, music and literature, has the capacity to amaze and excite, dazzle and bewilder." Indeed. Kudos to you, Einstein. 

Show your cast iron skillet some love.

Arresting photos from British slums in the late 60s. 

How excited are we for Target's new Pillowfort Collection?!

The best romantic lines for Valentine's Day. 

My mom was always trying to stop us from using these. (Genius!)

And, I just want to say thank you to everyone for the messages, comments, tweets and emails in response to this post. I am overwhelmed! Your engagement and contribution makes this a two-way conversation and that absolutely makes my day. Thank you. 

Take some time to ponder the infinite this weekend. See you all back here Monday Tuesday. Happy Presidents' Day! xo