Have a beautiful weekend!

This weekend, J and I are getting out on Saturday night for drinks and dinner. As much as I hate springing forward, I'm excited for longer evenings and more light. Maybe we'll even sneak in a walk and go see the falls. They're raging right now!

Thank you so much for all of the comments and support on this post. I read each and every one and I can't say how awesome it is to feel supported by all of you wise, insightful women. I'm still chewing on all of it and processing my latent desire to work. I'm even considering the possibility that I might enjoy my children more if I had more personal satisfaction through work that fills my cup. Hmmm...interesting stuff! Thank you for being my virtual tribe! I love you all.

And here's a bit of what caught my eye this week:

Words as images. So cool. (#26!)

The cutest bed ever.

When life imitates art.

Phone battery saving trick, foiled!

We've been wasting so much clean water. Love this cool idea.

Just say no to advertising that preys on mom guilt. :(

We are taking the kids on the impressive Palouse Falls hike on spring break. Have you been?

Does the "less is more" maxim apply to school hours?

Cold hands, warm heart.

Loving this beautiful Instagram.

Have a great one! See you back here Monday. xo


  1. Sinks on top of toilets are a thing! They're standard in Japan. You flush, and wash your hands with the clean water on top of the toilet which then goes down into the tank :)

  2. I LOVE that calligraphy artist! So cool!


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