My Five Favorite Products from Trader Joe's

March 3, 2016

In the spirit of focusing on the positives of our current situation, I just want to write a little love letter to none other than Trader Joe's. I missed Trader Joe's so much while we were living in Zurich and Duluth.  I was there this morning and I had to remind myself not to take it for granted. Trader Joe's is just the best. My five very favorite Trader Joe's products, after the jump!

#5. Spray Oils I am in love with the Trader Joe's spray oils. We buy pretty much all of them. The Canola is great for prepping a brownie pan or casserole. The coconut is great for the same. But the Olive really wins my heart. We use it to keep our cast iron skillet seasoned and ready for use and it makes throwing a batch of crostini together so quick and easy. Any time I fry up an egg, it's at my side. I love you, Trader Joe's Olive Oil Spray.
#4 Hatch Valley Salsa The Hatch Valley Salsa is my favorite salsa to have on tacos. With some crunchy romaine and lots of lime juice, it will transport your taco straight to heaven. It's the most similar salsa I have found to Chipotle's tomatillo salsa. YUM! Do watch out if you have a baby mouth; it's got some kick!
#3 Classic Sliced Dry Rubbed All Natural Uncured Bacon Thick cut bacon is all the rage these days, but I don't like it at all! Sadly, all the normal bacons are all filled with nitrates. As a result, we have been eating no bacon as of late. Then, I discovered this delightful bacon. Nitrate- and antibiotic-free, naturally raised pork, and sliced thin the way bacon should be. Make no mistake; this is still bacon and therefore hideously unhealthy, but for those times when you just need some bacon, reach for this one. Delicious!
#2 Quattro Formaggio This cheese is a mainstay at our house. I use it to make delicious crostini, omelettes, put it under an egg on toast, scrambles, quiches, you name it. It's awesome. Any time a bag is running low, I buy one to have on deck. We are never without it.
#1 Fresh Bruschetta Sauce OMG. This is my number one favorite Trader Joe's product of all time. It is so ridiculously good. This is outrageous coming from me because I hate raw tomatoes. I have enjoyed raw tomatoes twice in my life. Once was in Rome at Da Francesco off of Piazza Navona. The bruschetta was incredible. And now, Trader Giotto's is just as good. I eat this almost every day! It's to die for on crostini with prosciutto. It's also amazing on top of an egg on toast (with the Quattro Formaggio!), on pizza, on just about anything. I can't believe that something that comes out of such an unassuming little cottage cheese container with utterly unremarkable graphic design can be so out of this world amazing! But it is.

What are your favorites at Trader Joe's? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. So many things! We LOVE their Tomatillo Salsa, I love their selection of Greek yogurt, the Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar is amazing, their Flax Oatmeal for a quick breakfast and this is totally going to gross you out (because it does with everyone but me, it seems), but I think the bag of pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs is the most ridiculously convenient snack ever to have on hand. Oh! And we love their corn bread and Cheddar Rockets (of course). Don't even get me started on the seasonal items. I won't stop. Thanks for your recommendations!

    1. I am with you on the seasonal items - the Peppermint Jojo's are the best thing EVER! :) Oh, I wish I had some right now! And the Peppermint Jojo ice cream?! ARRRGH! I'm going to try your recommendations. Thanks for chiming in!! xoxo

  2. Seeing as our apartment is on top of a Trader Joe's we joke that it's our pantry!
    As you can imagine, our real pantry (if you can call it that) is filled with Trader Joe's products. Most of our meals come from TJs, whether it's a ready meal (we love the asparagus and brie pasta) or something I've made myself. My two youngest kids love their Cookie Spread and eat it on a sandwich every day. I'm really into their Primeval Bars at the moment. I warm them up and add a little butter and they kind of taste like a hot cross bun!
    I haven't tried to Peppermint Jojo ice cream, but the Cookie Spread ice cream is fantastic.

    1. I'm afraid to try the Cookie Spread as I've heard it's like crack and you become instantly addicted! I eat Nutella by the spoonful so much so that I just can't have it around. HAHA! I have to say you're the luckiest person ever to live on top of a Trader Joe's! Yippee!!!!

  3. I live in Oklahoma and we don't have TJ's. :-( Probably because we have LAME liquor laws and wine can't be sold in grocery stores. And everyone knows TJ's wine section is the best part!

    Whenever I go home to Indiana, I make sure to plan a trip to TJ's. I buy the fried rice, pot stickers, and chocolate covered almonds. I have my mom send me the tea tree face wash (might not be TJ's brand, but it's the most amazing face wash ever) and the Refresh body wash because they're too big for my carry-on.

    I do miss Trader Joe's. A lot. You enjoy it for me!

    1. I feel your pain! I've been there!!! You should totally go to the TJ"s website. They know how to sidestep liquor/alcohol laws (for example, in Minnesota, they have a separate store next door to the store with all the wine, beer, etc) and they really do open stores where there is demand. The Spokane store came into being because of requests on the website. Get all your friends to do it, too! ;)
      My inlaws have the Refresh line in their guest bathroom. So tingly! And I'm obsessed with the potstickers, too. Definitely need to try the fried rice. Thanks for the tips. xo

  4. My hot-spicy-adverse child (but otherwise great eater) loves the Salsa Verde. So that is almost always bought whenever we go to TJ's. I hear you on the TJ's love. When we first came back to the US, rediscovering TJ's was a huge highlight. I introduced our Norwegian expat friends to the store and they also felt the love!

  5. Haha. I often eat that Bruschetta straight from the spoon. It's food crack epitomized, right?


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