The Torrot

June 6, 2016

As I mentioned on Friday, I got a bike last week. Now our entire family of four can go on bike rides together! Coco rides on the back of J's bike in the Yepp Maxi and Theo rides on the front of my bike in the Yepp Mini. It's probably the greatest thing ever. I'm so glad I didn't let this summer, which seems like it's going to be the best summer ever, pass me by.

J has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off this summer, so last Tuesday he took Theo on a bike ride. They went to a trail that runs along the southern part of Lake Coeur d'Alene. I did some stuff at home, like paying bills and taking care of pesky phone calls I'd been putting off. Then in the afternoon, scheduled a massage to use one of the gift certificates J had given me for Christmas. But before I went, I got completely embroiled in a Facebook debate over the whole gorilla thing. I ultimately blocked the thread, turned off my notifications and was left with no faith in humanity. How can people be so quick to judge and cruel? Is this really The End of Empathy? Sigh. Just as I was pondering these depressing realities, J sent me this photo of Theo and I thought to myself, 'What am I doing?! I need to be with them." I picked up Coco from school and she and I went and did some shopping together and then made dinner. I kept my phone put away the whole time. That night, before bed, I talked with J about it and we resolved to take steps toward making this the best family summer possible. He mentioned there was a bike I could get in the South Perry District for $120. Awesome!

The next morning, Wednesday, I woke up determined and laid out a plan. We would get Coco off to school, go to the bike shop, pick up the bike, buy a second helmet for Coco, go home, pack up a picnic, go back and get Coco, and all set off together! One problem: J informed me it was a Craigslist bike, not a bike at the shop in South Perry (that makes sense;) and when he showed me a photo, I didn't like it. So, still in bed, I grabbed my phone and searched Craigslist for "Mixte." The cutest vintage green bike called Torrot popped right up. I immediately called the guy and after the phone had already started ringing, I realized that perhaps 7:45 was a little early. No matter! He answered and I asked if it was still available and we laughed about the early call; luckily he didn't mind. J, Theo and I got Coco off to school and told her we'd pick her up early after lunch. Then, we took the Yepp Mini with us and went to check out the Torrot. It needed new tires and brake shoes, but other than that, I was in love. J and the man selling it pulled the stem out, made sure the Yepp Mini fit, and I took Theo for a spin. So amazing. We tried to talk the guy down a little on the price for the needed replacements, but he was receiving texts from interested buyers as we spoke. So we paid him his asking price and happily - gleefully - put the Torrot on our bike rack and drove off! By 1:40 that afternoon, J had installed the new brakes, changed out the tubes and tires and we had had the bike shop make sure the stem was long enough to safely hold the baby seat. We had even gotten Coco an adorable new helmet. We were ready to go!

We got Coco from school, set off and had the perfect afternoon together. Our ride was gorgeous, we saw bald eagles and turtles and enjoyed the serene beauty of Idaho. Everyone had a great time and then we drove home through the rolling green hills of the Palouse feeling so full and happy. All I need now is a rear rack, some panniers and baskets and this really is going to be the best summer ever!

Do you have a bike? Do you take your kids out riding? What are your big summer plans? xo

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  1. Some of my favorite memories in the last few years involve my husband and I on bikes! I'm so happy for you. And your bike rides look absolutely gorgeous! Loving seeing you cycle along the lake! Hurray!

    1. Cycling in Zurich and Switzerland is top notch!! I've been wanting a bike ever since I sold ours when we moved. More cycling memories to be made this summer!! xo

  2. Yay for family bike rides. Since moving to the Camberville side of Boston, I have become a total bike convert. We bike all year round, including winter. If you are ever interesting in getting a bike trailer, we love our Burley. It can take two kids AND it can handle a New England winter!

    1. The Burley trailers are adorbs! Coco rode in one once and fell asleep. Then, in Zurich, we got a trailer when J was going to be taking her to school every day (but then we moved). She despised it! Weird. There is a big city ride for families coming up in a few weeks. We're taking Coco and Theo on the Yepps, but my uncle will pull a trailer in case they're tired and want to sleep. I'm hoping they'll like it!!!

  3. Hey Lindsey McLean,
    Very nice and family fact you shared here. I read and enjoyed a lot. Specially your collected bike is excellent. Thanks for sharing this nice topic with us.


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