Bronzing Baby's First Shoes

Tomorrow I'm sending Theo and Coco's first baby shoes off to be bronzed. How is it possible that Theo has already outgrown his baby shoes and next week he turns two?! It feels like the end of an era. But, I hope that by bronzing their baby shoes, we've found a way to hold onto and preserve those sweet and tender memories forever.

As I've told friends about my plans to bronze Coco and Theo's shoes, I've been surprised at how few people have heard of baby shoe bronzing. We have my dad's bronzed baby shoes and it's completely magical to hold them and know that he wore them and toddled around in them as a baby. I got in touch with Bob Kaynes, the grandson of Violet Shinbach, who originally founded American Bronzing Company back in the 1930's and told Bob I would like to feature their bronzed baby shoes on Swiss Lark. I knew I could trust American Bronzing with my babies' shoes because they're a family company, as well as the oldest and largest baby shoe bronzing company in the world - 13 million baby shoes and counting!

Best of all: American Bronzing Company is offering Swiss Lark readers 20% off their entire order, so you can have your baby's shoes bronzed, too. Just enter the code BLG16A at checkout.

I can't wait to share Coco and Theo's bronzed baby shoes with you. And thank you for supporting the companies that support Swiss Lark. xo


  1. We have all the baby shoes from start till today.

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