Camping with Kids, At Last

Last week, we went on the most magical camping trip at Priest Lake State Park. If you've been reading Swiss Lark since we were in Switzerland, then you know that our first attempt at camping as parents was enough to turn us off from ever camping with a baby again! Now that Theo is almost two, when we saw a tough-to-get camping space open up for one night, we decided to give it another go. I am so glad we did.

As soon as we arrived, we set about getting our camp in order. Coco and Theo were fascinated by the entire process of pitching the tent and organizing the food, firewood and camp chairs.

I insisted we go to REI the day before we left to get the camp chairs. They make all the difference in having a relaxing time by the fire versus getting a sore back and wanting to go to bed. We love them!

Once we were all set up, J and Coco went for a swim and Theo and I walked along the shore.

For dinner, we had sausages and grilled veggies. I mixed up olive oil with herbs and salt and pepper in a little jar before we left to pour over the veggies. They turned out so delicious that even the kids gobbled them up!

While dinner was on the grill, we relaxed with beers and the kids roamed around and played. Everyone was on cloud nine.

After dinner it was time for s'mores, otherwise known as the real reason anyone goes camping! We sat around the fire until the sun set and watched little bats fly overhead. Then, we were all awestruck when we saw the full moon rise over the mountains. It made such an impression on Theo, he learned a new word: "Moo." 

We woke up happy and rested after a quiet and uneventful night. Such a pleasant surprise!

Theo was fascinated that we cooked breakfast right over the campfire! I didn't think it was possible, but I'm even more in love with our cast iron skillet now. 

After some more beach time, we packed up our camp. Then we went on a gorgeous hike and had a picnic at the top before heading back home. Coco held her own and did almost the entire five miles (with elevation gain) by herself!

It was so great to finally have the camping trip we've been dreaming of since before we had kids. For us, I think the key really was waiting until they were old enough to be engaged in each part of the process. We can't wait to go back. Do you camp with your kids? What are your best tips and tricks for making it a success?


  1. We have camping plans for fall and I'm nervous but excited about taking our 4 year old and 18 month old! Your food looks delicious. I always have the worst time with cast iron and eggs. What is your trick?

    1. TONS of butter and not too hot! Melt the butter completely (1.5 tablespoons minimum) and then pour the eggs in and let them sit for a bit. Once they're setting a bit at the edges, pull the sides in and tilt the still liquid eggs down into the little hole it creates. Repeat several times until there isn't any pool of liquid eggs left. Then always wait a few minutes before each turning/stirring of the eggs so they have a chance to set and will pull away easily. Add your cheese last and stir. Nothing sticked to the pan! :) You want good hot coals, but no flame. Have such a good time! It will be great. xoxo

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