Happy Holiday Weekend!

I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that June is wrapped up and behind us and today it's a brand new month. This weekend is, of course, American Independence Day. Will you be celebrating? What do you have planned? On Saturday, we are actually having Raclette with a Swiss family Joel met through work. I can't wait to talk about Switzerland and drink white wine and eat Raclette. Hooray! Sunday night, we might take the kids downtown to see the fireworks. Or, we might do what we usually do and go to bed early. HA!

Here is a bit of what caught my eye around the web this week:

Gasp! (Too true.)

Trade in my elegant coupe for a stodgy wine glass? Um, no.



Hobbies and the meaning of life.

The best children's summer shoe EVER!

Really loving this song right now. And this one.

Excellent skincare advice.

Choosing Wrong.

Trying to figure out why this felt like such a let down to read. (Probably because this?)

French girl chic.

Stay safe this weekend. Designate a driver and have fun! I'll see you all back here Tuesday, which is our anniversary, so J and I are going on a morning date! Have a good one. xo