Have a delicious weekend!

Any exciting plans this weekend? My aunt is in town from Seattle, so we're having pizzas and salad  with a big group of family tonight. I might whip up a Pavlova ahead, or maybe a batch of these to throw on our salads instead? Coco has swimming lessons starting up again Monday and J and I are gearing up for our very first night away from both kids EVER next Tuesday. (Thanks, mom!) We are going here and I cannot wait. We're bringing a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir Rosé and I'm so looking forward to uninterrupted conversation and 360 degree views at sunset. Also, stars. Hurrah!

Here's a bit of what caught my eye this week:

10 things to know before you have babies.

LOL! This is so me. ;)

Our kids have been on a screen fast since I read this chilling article.

And with the iPad gone, this is their favorite audio book to listen to in the car. 

What weird rules have you internalized from your parents? (My mom had my sister and I convinced that toilet cleaner was acid and would eat through our skin, a fear we shared well into our twenties until we all finally talked about it;)

The best (gluten-free) cocktail snack!

I hope your weekend is absolutely delicious. See you back here Monday! xo


  1. The weird rules from your parents were hilarious! There are too many to count in our family but the first one to come to mind was, "You never dilly dally across the street." To this day, my mom still says this as we cross an intersection.


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