Silverwood Theme Park

We had assumed that Coco and Theo were too little to enjoy Silverwood, but we were wrong! Earlier this month, we took them to Silverwood for the day and had an absolute blast! If you live anywhere nearby and haven't been, get there as soon as humanly possible. Silverwood is an exceptionally clean and well-run park, beautifully landscaped, family-friendly and non-stop fun!

In order to make the most of it, we took the Bugaboo and made sure the kids wore super comfortable shoes. Coco rode on the buggy board most of the time and Theo was delighted to be able to both look at us, and all around - something he isn't able to do in our Maclaren.

We packed a picnic so we wouldn't have to eat park food and saved that money for horrid treats like Cotton Candy and Dippin' Dots! Yuck. ;) In the end, we were having so much fun, we ate the park food anyway. I am happy to say that it was actually quite tasty and completely affordable!

We were surprised that even Theo was allowed on so many different rides and attractions as long as he was riding with an adult. Here we are on Little Toot, the cutest and tiniest roller coaster you'll ever see. It's all glossy and red and made in Italy and the kids loved it!

Coco felt like a true big kid and loved calling the shots on where to go next!

I was a little nervous to put Theo on Red Baron, but he absolutely loved it. They got their plane going up and down and he even called out "Hi, mama!" to me as they flew past!

Our favorite ride of all was the Paratrooper. We went on it twice - once J went with Coco and I went with Theo, and then we traded children.

The views from the top were really lovely. You could see most of the park and the surrounding hills and mountains.

Then, once everyone was on board, it got going really fast and we were positively sailing through the air and around the bends. It was so exhilarating! Both Coco and Theo loved it, and by the end, we were all grinning from ear to ear. 

The longest wait, but completely worth it, was for the Ferris Wheel. Being on a huge Ferris Wheel is like nothing else, don't you agree? Somehow it's thrilling, magical and relaxing all at the same time. I actually think Theo would have fallen asleep if we had gone around a few more times. But, as it turned out, he was just a happy little bear when we got off.

We had a such a good time on the antique steam locomotive, we forgot to take any photos! The train makes a 30-minute trip through the park's extensive grounds, complete with an entertaining Old West-themed enactment of a train hold up! Coco and Theo were spellbound the entire time.

They slept the entire way home and this was the scene once we pulled into our garage that night! It was so much fun, we decided we will squeeze in another day before the park closes at the end of September.

Have you been to Silverwood? Do you like going on rides and rollercoasters? I always thought I'd outgrow it when I became an adult, but I just don't think there is anything better than going on a big rollercoaster. If you're in the area, Silverwood has lots of big rides, too! It is definitely not just for kids. :)

(This post is sponsored by Silverwood Theme Park. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Swiss Lark possible!)


  1. Looks like such fun! Coco also looks so grown up - they really do grow way too quickly! x

    1. Way too quickly! But so much fun stuff comes with each stage. At least that's what I'm telling myself. ;)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. They remind me of a small amusement park we went to in New Hampshire. Too bad Silverwood is so far away from Boston. We will just have to come out west one of these days!

    1. Silverwood is SO FAR from Boston! ;) You should definitely make a trip out here. I think you would love it - and I would love it. xoxo

  3. Aww every time I've driven from Spokane airport to my Uncles place in Sandpoint we pass Silverwood I think. One for the list of stuff I want to do next time we go back, and good to know it's so family friendly. Now just to wait for the littles to be big enough for the flight/transfers...

    1. We drove by it too on the way out to Sandpoint (and past Sandpoint to Sanders County MT)! It really looks like such a clean, beautiful park. I am impressed and definitely want to stop there next time we visit my Father-in-law!


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