Have a fantastic weekend.

This week, I've been reminiscing so much about Coco's baby days at our lovely little apartment in Zurich. I love looking through photos of those days and thinking about how amazing it was to be a new mom and taking care of a little tiny baby for the first time. She was such an incredible baby. So much personality and wit and smarts, right from her very first days. Just look at that face! She's a gem. That's for sure.

What are you up to this weekend? We are just hanging out and hoping that all the inch-thick sheet of ice will melt enough to chip it off of our walks following the freezing rain earlier this week. Talk about fun, right? ;)

Here's a bit of what caught my eye around the web this week:

For mamas of girls. LOL.

And just re-read this lovely piece. (For the mamas of boys;)

Let the debate rage on.

Eyeing this sweet top for spring.

We made this kid cult favorite last week. The kids did not like it. :( Fail!

Out with almonds, in with Doritos.

Will you be marching, wherever you are?

Bumpy Re-entry.

Inspiration for small space living.

And some more!

Also, re-reading this book ASAP.

I hope you have a good one. See you back here Monday! xo


  1. Was that a covert pregnancy announcement?

    I'm so bored with people insisting on debating stuff that's not controversial in the scientific community at all. As toad would say, Blah!

    Thanks for the small space inspiration. I hid half the basket of knuffels today. I'm curious if the kids will even notice.

    1. Nope! I would love to be pregnant in some ways right now. But it would just be a terrible time to be expecting, so I'm glad I'm not. ;) Actually, I'm just trying to bury my head in the sand and pretend this whole inauguration isn't happening - so, BABIES! HA!!! Small space living is a constant practice. Hide more stuff later! ;) xx

  2. Ahhh that second link for mamas with boys... something I still struggle with, no matter how perfect and perfectly perfect my little boys are. I get hit with such envy, deep deep envy, when friends get pregnant with or give birth to girls. Ridiculous... but like she says, I have such a great relationship with my mum and we bond over all things feminine. So... Hm. <3


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