How Alike (or Different) Are Your Children?

It seems positively ridiculous to me now, but while I was pregnant with Theo, I assumed that the new baby would be just like Coco! I looked forward to evenings watching TV with him sleeping in my arms and wrestling-free diaper changes.

Then, I was about half way through Theo's pregnancy when Coco really hit the terrible twos. She wasn't napping at all and she refused to ever sit or stay still on the bus or tram. It was so exhausting - and embarrassing - to chase her up and down the aisle of the tram, all the while being chided by disapproving old ladies. I avoided going anywhere beyond walking distance with her unless I absolutely had to.

I remember looking at J one night after we'd finally gotten her to sleep and and saying, "You know, this baby sure is lucky he's already in there, because I don't know if I could reasonably get pregnant right now knowing what it's like to have a two-year-old!" And now, when I think of that, I just have to laugh!

In all fairness, it's pretty natural to assume that your second baby will be like your first baby, but Coco and Theo are so different! He was never a fan of sleeping in my arms while I watched TV, but preferred to be put into bed in the evening. And, just a few hours after he was born, I literally had to pin him down to change his diaper! He was wrestling me from the first change.

As they get older, it's amazing to see their distinct personalities emerge and grow. Coco is so high-energy, she never stops talking and she loves a big party! Theo is quite her opposite. He is very mellow and relaxed most of the time. He still isn't talking very much, and he takes about an hour of being held by me, taking it all in before he gets comfortable at a big party. But somehow, it almost seems because of their differences, they compliment one another so well. We love watching them play or dance together, and while their approaches are unique, they share a love of being outdoors in all seasons and weather. It's pretty magical!

Are your children alike, or different? In which ways? What about you and your siblings? Join the conversation in the comments below. xo


  1. This is so interesting! I only have one child (10 month old girl) but I remember being surprised when she was born…..surprised at what she looks like (very much like her fair haired, light eyed, Dutch father, none of my dark features), surprised at how she acted (not much of a cuddler…I thought all babies were!), surprised at her likes/dislikes, etc, etc. She is pretty much the opposite of what I expected haha. But I'm learning some good lessons in it…to appreciate her as she is, to let go of control/expectations. At first I kind of blamed myself though for her qualities that made the newborn days a little tougher. I thought I was doing something wrong that she also didn't like to sleep in my arms while watching tv. It's nice to read about how different all babies/kids are. I really enjoyed this post :) -K

    1. I had the same experience! Coco looked like me when she was first born. But then, she turned into this little blonde haired, blue eyed doll and looked exactly like my husband. With my dark hair and dark brown eyes, I never thought it possible! People would actually ask it she was mine. :( But then Theo came along and he looks just like me. So it's all good. ;) It's funny how our expectations and reality collide. Sometimes the surprises - the things we don't expect - are the best of all. xx

  2. This is so fun! My sister and I are very different but also similar in many ways. I was always the good girl and studious, and she was popular and athletic. I love being on stage and putting on a show (always have) and she enjoys being the mother hen. We get along really well and share similar values, but both being mothers and sharing the same parents are definitely the top 2 things we have in common. Ha! My children are so similar! They had very similar feeding and sleeping patterns as babies, they are both super friendly, life of the party, stubborn, cuddly, silly... but my son is definitely a momma's boy and has a tough time leaving me (my fault, I think), and my daughter just wants to explore and seems to have no problem leaving me!


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