Have a Restful Weekend

As exhausting as it can be to readjust to waking up before dawn after the lovely Christmas holidays, it feels so good to be back on a routine. I have my fingers crossed that everyone in our house stays happy and healthy despite the new viruses circulating about. We seem to be settling into a nice groove this year already - and I like it. Tonight I'm making a pot roast and, like every other night this week, we're going to have a roaring fire to combat the sub zero temps. When we got in the car yesterday morning, it was -1 Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius) and today it was 6 F (-14 C). I do not like this bitter cold. Warmer air is coming our way, thankfully! The kids need their time outside. Cabin fever is real. ;)

I tried the rambly Friday posts (like this one) but ultimately decided to just go back to the ol' link list for 2017. So I hope you'll enjoy these:

This song is so good for driving or headphones.

Perfect Pot Roast. Beyond ready for this tonight!

Obsessed with this apartment. Especially that fireplace.

Some inspiration for your new year. And more from me on this topic next week.

Drinker's Guilt is a real thing. Do you get it?

An old college friend is traveling through India and his photos are tip-top.

Thinking about switching to a pen-and-paper planner this year? This one is my favorite.

Eight Ways to Save on Travel in 2017

Finally caved and it lives up to the hype.

Delightful or satisfying German words we need in English.

Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm if it's cold where you are and see you all back here Monday. xo

(Photo via Elle Decoration)