Snow Day

Today was a snow day, which was completely awesome and relaxing and rejuvenating. My only regret is that we didn't realize it was a snow day until after we'd already gotten up and out of bed, showered and dressed, made coffee, started the cars to warm them up and woken the kids and gotten Theo dressed. So, basically, everything. As Murphy's Law would have it, we had prepped so much the night before and had never been more on it in the morning. Go figure! 

I stuck my head out the door to tell J through the darkness that it was a snow day and he could just turn off the cars. He shoveled the walk and then we got the little cuties settled with some Trader Joe's blueberry bars, milk and a movie and we went back to bed. It was fabulous!

After a big breakfast, we got the gingerbread house (which we never got to over the holidays) down off the top of the fridge and gave it a leisurely go. Coco loved it and Theo loved eating the sprinkles and candy! Side note: Yes, all of our decorations are still up. I just love how cozy they make the house feel that I can't bear to take them down. But Friday is tree collection day, so I suppose Thursday night, we'll finally have to take it all down. Until then, three cheers for cozy!

When it was all finished, Coco was so proud. And also keeping an eye on Theo. ;)

Then we went over to my mom's to help her shovel out. It was snowing hard and Theo and Coco had the best time playing in the snow for nearly two hours. By the time we finished the driveway, a full inch of snow had accumulated. My mom and I went inside for a bit and J and the kids built tunnels and started an igloo. 

We had a fire and dried their snowsuits, hats and mittens while we ate lunch with my mom. Then we warmed up the car and went home for nap time. I lay down with Theo to help him fall asleep and thought I just fallen asleep for a few minutes, but it was actually an hour and a half!

I lay in bed for a little while, staring at the ceiling thinking about what a nice day we had had. A snow day gives teachers the same feeling of found or gifted time as a sick day does, except instead of being sick, you're fully healthy and can enjoy it. Everything stops and suddenly, there is nothing demanding your attention and it's impossible to drive anywhere because the snow is so deep. So you just relax and do things you can't seem to find time for normally.

It was just what we needed. I would actually love it if tomorrow were another snow day. ;) I doubt it will be as it's no longer snowing, but just in case, I'm now following Spokane Schools on Twitter, so if it is, I'll just turn off my alarm, roll over and go back to sleep. Fingers crossed!