Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Are you traveling or doing something special this weekend? We had planned to go down to Oregon for a dear old friend's baby shower, but between finding a place to stay and the insane amount of snow that fell in Portland, it's just as well that we're not going. But, what a bummer anyway. The upside is that we now have three days stretching ahead with no plans, Homeland starting up again and a nice stack of firewood on the porch. Things could be a lot worse. ;)

Here's a bit of what caught my eye this week:

I'm using (and LOVING) this free daily goal tracker.

Theo's favorite toy these days, by far.

Things that make you grow. (Love this:)

As much as I love Homeland, I have felt increasingly guilty for loving and watching it. Turns out I'm not alone.

Your best life is waiting.

French school supplies.

Afternoon slump? Try this.

How to change your life.

Yay for polka dots on polka dots.

This photo is giving me major wanderlust.

Learning and teaching resources on MLK, Jr.

Have a wonderful long weekend! See you back here Tuesday. xo

(Photo via L ' Essenziale)