I Love this IKEA Cabinet - or - All of My Thoughts Lately


Do you see that IKEA cabinet? My God how I love that thing. When we moved from Zurich to Minnesota in 2014, I really tried to find a good place for it in our house. I imagined filling it with neatly folded, fluffy white towels, bath salts and a ring holder in the bathroom, or in the living room with vases and knick-knacks. Or even in the kitchen with china or other items we don't use every day. It's just so good-looking! It needed to go somewhere. But, we had a lot of built-ins and the one place in the hallway I thought it might work we ended up putting the changing table, so we never got it. Oh, how I wanted it! And then last week, I saw it in a bunch of Scandinavian design posts and I felt so vindicated. It's a great piece. And on sale! I want all the colors. Maybe we'll still have a chance to get it. Who knows?

I sat down twice today to write a post, but it just was not happening. My day began with a wild goose chase tracking down my vaccination records for the MMR shot I received in 1981. Why, you ask? In order to be able to continue subbing since being exposed to Mumps at a high school I subbed at a few weeks ago. What a mess! While I waited for calls back from my doctor's office to figure out if I needed a booster or not, I tried to write a post about a few happy marriage hacks J and I have discovered over the years - they're good ones! Maybe next week. But, after an hour at the coffee shop, I decided to just go in to my doctor's office instead, and it's a good thing I did, because they were running low on shots and a new person turned up every few minutes also requesting their records and it was kind of mayhem. Once I'd gotten home and settled down to write again, I had finally had enough of all the photos slowing down my phone and I was overdue to upgrade my iOS. So I went ahead and spent a solid hour taking care of it. More on that later.

Just yesterday, I realized that we have to start thinking about Coco's kindergarten plans now! I thought we would have all spring and summer to figure out our next move and things would fall into place naturally depending on whether we're in town or not. But I was wrong! If we stay in town, we have to get her applications in now, even for our neighborhood school, and if we move in the summer, there's no guarantee we'll get the school for the neighborhood we move into. Isn't that just bonkers?! I mean, it would be really awful to move and pay way more rent in order to get into a good school and wind up going to the same school we would be assigned to in this house anyway. So I started looking into the elementary school I went to, and we're going to go tour it. It's a good school and, all important factors aside, let's just acknowledge for a minute how easy mornings would be if Coco had a uniform! I'm sold. ;)

Now this is rather random, but if you have an iPhone, you need to know this. Remember how you used to be able to select "Delete after import" when getting the photos off of your phone, and then it actually would? The computer would delete the photos off of your phone. Well, maybe you've noticed as I have that it doesn't do that anymore. It has got to be the most annoying thing ever! And then, if you go to delete the photos off of your phone, a big warning pops up that the photos will be removed on all of your devices and every time you try to take a video, it stops after about 15 seconds and tells you your phone is out of space. Drrh. Well, those days are over. Go into Settings on your iPhone and then iCloud and turn of all of the settings for Photos within iCloud. Then, if you go to Applications on your computer and open Image Capture, you can select all of your photos and click on the little no symbol and they will all be deleted from your phone. MAGIC, am I right?! So much better than selecting and deleting each one. J has a theory that they've done this to get people to just give up and buy a new phone and I think he may be right! It's that dreadful to delete the photos by hand, even if you swipe to select. Just make sure you've gotten all of the photos off of your phone before going into Image Capture, obviously.

So sorry for the late post today. It was quite the day, and perhaps you even enjoyed my rambling? Ha!   Thanks for reading. Until tomorrow, my dears. xo


  1. I loved this random post. Like reading a letter from a friend.

    1. This absolutely made my day! Thank you, Allison. xoxo


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