Winter Comfort Food Craving

This has been a hard week for me. I feel like we're deep in that phase of the winter when Christmas is long over and gone and we've been through many dark days and nights without much going on, and it's depressing and we're ready for spring, already! But spring isn't coming for quite some time. Sigh. If you follow Smitten Kitchen on Instagram, chances are you're already salivating over this gorgeous Shakshuka recipe. 

It's this dreadful time of year that I like to remind myself how hot and savory things like this don't taste quite as wonderful in the summer, so enjoy them while you can! I think on the way home, I'm going to stop and get everything to make this beauty. The recipe had me at San Marzano tomatoes and jalapeños, but the feta?! Get me to the store right this second! You can check out the entire recipe over on Smitten Kitchen right here. I hope you're all feeling good and keeping the winter blues at bay. 
Bon appetit!

(Photos via Smitten Kitchen)