Babies in Flight

February 9, 2017

Have you seen these incredible photos of babies aboard airplanes from the 1950's? They are just ridiculous. I cannot even imagine having my little baby up in a cot above my head on a plane, can you? The best part by far is the expressions on these babies' faces! They are completely unfazed. They rather seem to enjoy looking down on their parents in their seats below. I especially love the little guy in the middle photo. It's as if he's saying with his eyes, "You may go now" to the smiling flight attendant down in the aisle. What a crack up! And the curtains on the circular plane windows, and the huge glass baby bottle. So many fun details. I think I could stare at these photos all night. But those cots! Let's hope none of these flights encountered any turbulence. ;) 

I don't know about you, but I've been in need of some reprieve from the politics and news this week. Sigh. Have you seen anything whacky or interesting or funny lately? Please share!

(Photos via Thinkarete Lifestyle)

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  1. They still had very similar contraptions as late as 1984. I remember my sister sleeping in a bed hooked to the bag storage the same way on a flight to Europe when she was 4mo old.

  2. When I was on a flight to Spain from the US, about 15 years ago, they used a similar bed. Although, it wasn't suspended from the overhead bin, it connected to the seat near the mother.

    1. When Coco was a baby, British Airways had bouncy seats, or small cots that attached to the bulkhead on a little flip down tray. It was at seat level; not nearly so far to fall! ;)

  3. Some people think that this is one of the reasons that babies are so much more physically flexible than adults, because some of their bones are still able to move about independent of each other. Think about it: how often are you able to eat your own feet as a grown up?

  4. Things have changed significantly since 1950's.

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  6. What a nice way to travel with a baby.


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